Drivers Education Classes

                              2012 Programs and Classes

Beginning in 2012 Auto Mission will begin offering Drug and Alcohol Classes.  Greenlight Driving Academy partners with Auto Mission to provide an 8 hour class.   Upon completion of the class the student will receive a certificate and a discount for car insurance.  

All Auto Mission Drivers Education Classes and Drug and Alcohol Classes are Faith-Based and approved by the Texas Education Agency.  Terry Legan is an approved Drivers Education Instructor and is licensed by the Texas Education Agency.  (for licensing info. click here)

Drivers Education classes provide boys at the Roanoke facility and  girls at the halfway house a head start when they leave and return to their homes. 

Statistics show that 95% of youth that leave a facility are likely to drive without a license.  The youth that drive without a license are also driving without proper training. 

You can sponsor a drivers ed. student.  The cost for each class is
$110.00.  Please mail your check today!  (mailing info. below)

                                     All photo's or cropped so that youth's identity is protected
Please mail your check to sponsor a youth . . .

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Auto Mission is a 501c Charity.  Your donation is tax deductible.  You will receive a receipt when your donation is received.  For monthly contributors a statement is mailed quarterly.