Boys Drama Team

The ministries of Auto Mission provide many different programs for the young men residing in the Roanoke facility.   

One of the favorite programs is our Drama Team called WIGIT Where Is Jesus In This.  The team typically consists of 10-12 youth.  Typically 1 youth is our stage hand and another youth is our video-grapher/photographer.

The team practises every Wednesday evening and after church on Sunday. 

Please scroll down for photo's and info. on past performances . . .

February 2011 Performance . . .

WIJIT wishes to thank Mr. Paul Bartush for coordinating the February 20l1 performance.  We had the opportunity to perform for staff from F.W. District office and Central office. 

The team performs I Believe by Brooks and Dunn.  Click Here to see the original video and lyrics . . .

 Smiles and applause after each song . . .
 More smiles.  Many thanks to Mrs. Diana Goodwin for her help in choreographing Walk on Water . . .

Each performance ends with Walk on Water.   

October 2010 Performance . . . The first performance

WIJIT was invited to perform at the Fort Worth District office.   We practised the night before and the team received instructions about dress code; what was 'expected'.  And they received instructions to bring 'all'  our sound equipment. 

The directors job was to bring the computer, camera and food!

Guess what!  No computer! 

Special thanks for Mrs. Vicki Griffin who saved the day when the director forgot the computer.

The audience patiently waits while Mrs. Griffin sets up an office computer and downloads our music.

Finally . . . Chaplain Terry introduces the team.
After a few technical difficulties we performed I Believe and Take Everything.  It was a special day and performance. 

And then . . .

We had lunch!  Thanks for the staff and the Auto Mission food pantry for supplying lunch.