Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can you pray for me?  These were words spoken today by two young men that stood up when they were told there was a Prayer Warrior in the room. 

They were not the only ones wanting and needing prayer.  

Weekly we provide an opportunity for the boys to write down their prayer requests. 

But to have someone actually place their hand on your shoulder and listen to you pour out your heart and then say the words that maybe you cannot say or don't know how to say is part of what 'Church' is all about.

But, our 'Church' doesn't have regular Prayer Warriors.  Our church is made up of a group of young men reaching out and searching that come to hear a Chaplain share a message of Hope. 

Our 'Church' needs you.  We need people that can come and
encourage and be a Prayer Warrior. 

It isn't only about Praying with a boy on Sunday.  It is about
joining us and becoming apart of this ministry.  It is about
putting the Ministries of Auto Mission on your Prayer List.

Would you join us today and become a Prayer Warrior?

If you attend church on Saturday night.  Or if you can miss one service every few weeks and come to join us you will be Blessed.  Just your presence is a
Blessing to our boys. 

Please email 
if you can join us on a Sunday.

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