Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer Requests

Dear Heavenly Father, I just ask you to help me take it one day at a time.  Keep me
strong and out of trouble.  So I can get my stage.

I want to pray 4 a better life.  And I want to be closer to God and to be able to reach
my dreams.

God I am all yours. Do with me as you will.  Shape my life as you see fit.  I'm done fighting.
Show me your will.  Teach me the right way.  Help me give my all to you.  I need to change.
I need you Lord.

1 comment:

jesse morton said...

hey terry its jesse, i did alot of comunity for ur program awhile back and was wanting to say thankyou for all ur help and quidence! mabey i cud comby and say hi sometime! i recently had a pretty bad experience and was wanting to talk to somone about it!